Kuwait Offering To Rebuild Beirut Port And Operate The Other Ports

Kuwait Offering To Rebuild Beirut Port And Operate The Other Ports
AP | Gulf News

Repairing the Port of Beirut is expected to take months after the explosion severely damaged its ability to operate at full capacity. Lebanon is not doing all the work on its own, however.

The Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) is ready to provide assistance to rebuild the Lebanese capital’s port and re-operate the rest of Lebanon’s ports.

Sheikh Yousef Abdullah Sabah Al-Nasser Al-Sabah, Director-General of the KPA and President of the Arab Sea Ports Federation has offered Lebanon to provide training and logical assistance to serve this purpose.

This includes training Lebanese cadres in operating bridges, cranes, towing, pilotage, and other marine works, he told Kuwait’s state-run news agency KUNA.

Along with Kuwait’s offer to rehabilitate the Ports of Tripoli, Saida, and Tyre, and help reconstruct the Port of Beirut, the training would help improve performance and alleviate the effects of Port’s destruction on the economy.

Kuwait, which had sent aid to Lebanon in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, is also placing its remarkable expertise in the domain of food security at Lebanon’s disposal, Sheik Abdullah said.

Considering that Lebanon relies on its main port to secure over 80% of its grain, the country is at risk of running out of bread, according to the UN, in as soon as 2.5 weeks from now, as a result of the devastating blast.

With that said, Kuwait will, if Lebanon requests its help in this field, implement an initiative to help develop its food security system, via the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company.

In addition to Kuwait, the UK and Qatar offered to contribute to rebuilding the Port of Beirut.

Renowned Lebanese-Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim will also take part in this enormous task, while local engineers and architects unite to do their part in reviving their country’s historic port.

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