Kuwait Suspends Tourist Visas For Lebanese Citizens

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In another chapter of the Lebanon-Gulf diplomatic crisis, Kuwait just suspended tourist visas for Lebanese citizens, as reported by Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas.

The crisis started after that the Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi declared his support for Houthis in the Yemen war, stating that they were defending themselves against the Saudi-led coalition.

It sparked an unprecedented diplomatic crisis. Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassadors, expelled the Lebanese ambassador, and stopped importations from Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia declared later that it is at a deeper reason than just Kordahi’s stance, explaining its moves by the lack of interest of having relations with Lebanon because of the upper hand of Hezbollah in the Lebanese political sphere.

The crisis engaged more countries of the Arab Gulf. Kuwait, UAE, and Bahrain have followed the same boycotting position toward Lebanon.

Today, the Kuwaiti suspension of tourist visas for Lebanese comes to add more pressure on Lebanon although it won’t affect Lebanese residents in Kuwait but just the tourists, as noted by the Kuwaiti media.

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