Kuwait Welcomes Lebanese Travelers with Sweets at the Airport as a Show of Support

Lebanese arriving at the Kuwait International Airport from Beirut on Sunday were pleasantly surprised to be greeted in an unusual manner by security personnel working there. Kuwait airport’s management, out of empathy for the Lebanese living this period of protests, had prepared them a special treat.


In a heartwarming gesture, airport security members were equipped with boxes of sweets, and bags containing single roses, offering them to Lebanese travelers at the arrival; an act of moral support and encouragement while greeting them warmly. We must say, this is touching.

Some of these Lebanese went online and posted multiple videos about it. The videos, which went viral on social media, especially in Lebanon, show that the nice gesture occurred in more than one section inside the airport.

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The decision was made in solidarity with the Lebanese demonstrations, which have been ongoing for 4 consecutive days, and shows that Kuwait is supportive of the demands that the Lebanese people are protesting to achieve, which all fall under the title of putting an end to the corrupt Lebanese political system.

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