Nadine Labaki One Of Two Female Directors Nominated For Non-Acting Category At Golden Globes

The director’s masterpiece “Capernaum” is the first ever Lebanese movie to be nominated for a Golden Globe.

Nadine Labaki received the good news while she was at the Marrakesh Film Festival in Morocco. She was having a full day of interviews and she couldn’t really express her happiness.

She seemed as if she didn’t really believe what happened and showed her surprise: “At the end of the day it’s a small film that we made ourselves. It’s really homemade, so it’s a big achievement for everyone who worked on the film, and for every actor who was in it”, according to an interview with Variety.

Labaki was shocked to know that her movie was one of only two female-directed films to be nominated in any non-acting category of the Golden Globes.

“It makes me proud, in a way, but at the same time, that’s a big surprise. I mean, how come? There were a lot of amazing films done by women this year.”

In the midst of the intense film industry gender imbalance, Nadine Labaki has succeeded in empowering female directors as well as the Lebanese film industry.

“It is very frustrating to see that women are not well-represented, but I’m very positive at the same time”, said Labaki.

“Because women are speaking up now, I think we won’t be talking about these issues in a few years. It’s no longer a taboo subject. We’re no longer settling for just being frustrated.” she continued.

Congratulations to Nadine for this double victory, and best of luck at the Golden Globes!

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