Major Bus Company In Lebanon Stops Its Services Due To Fuel Crisis

Transport Estephan

Transport Estephan, a reputable company that provides vital transportation services to the people in Lebanon, announced that it will halt its services due to a lack of fuel.

Its buses travel on a daily basis between Bsharre in the North and Beirut, passing by numerous cities and villages, and creating an essential link between different regions.

The company has been also providing road trips to various areas of Lebanon.

Transport Estephan

Many people living in Lebanon rely on Estephan’s bus rides as a means of transportation for work and for visiting family. That is no longer possible for them now that the company is stopping its bus trips due to the severe lack of access to fuel.

Estephan’s buses had been operating for years on a daily basis, even amid the occasionally severe climate conditions of past winters in the mountains.

Transport Estephan

This materializes as another major loss the Lebanese people have to bear, and not only the company, as these transportation services have been essential to them on a daily basis.

The current fuel crisis and its appalling mismanagement have brought about a series of bizarre and tragic events.

It is crippling the hospitals, putting the lives of critical patients at high risks, like in the case of the AUB Medical Center. Another major hospital in Beirut has already announced that it can no longer treat patients.

Some barbers have resorted to cutting hair on the street in the absence of electricity in their shops, using the sunlight as a replacement for the light bulb.

In some areas, the shortage of fuel is causing both bizarre traffic congestion as well as losses of life.

Lebanon’s fuel crisis and its dreadful mismanagement – or lack of any management – are becoming more visible and debilitating by the day.

It is not merely paralyzing the country, both metaphorically and literally, but it is also causing appalling atrocities, like the harrowing explosion that occurred in Akkar on Sunday.

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