LADE: Violations In Electoral Process And Lax Law Enforcement From Interior Ministry


The Lebanese elections watchdog, LADE, issued their initial report regarding the Lebanese Elections that took place Sunday, May 15th.

The report cited tons of irregularities within the electoral process all over the country and criticized the Lebanese Ministry of Interior for not properly enforcing the law.

In regards to the Ministry of Interior, the criticism comes in light of many reported attacks on candidates, voters, and delegates. “What we observed during the election day was disappointing,” the association said.

They explained that they reported to the Ministry of Interior to ensure the safety of their delegates and the voters in polling stations where situations were sensitive. However, no serious action was taken.

Hezbollah Election Delegates Switching Votes in Jawar Al-Hashish in Baalbak-Hermel (Video)

“With the final stage of the May 15th, 2022 elections coming to an end, which the association monitored in all of its stages, starting with the electoral campaigns, all the way to the election process and counting the votes, violations were reported by the dozens, from breaking the law to terrorizing voters, to pressuring practiced by partisans and their parties, within very clear lax of law enforcement from the Ministry of Interior,” LADE noted in a statement.

Adding, “Even though the Lebanese people have waited for these elections after a long series of dramatic events the country witnessed, starting with the October 2019 Revolution, followed by an unprecedented socio-economic crisis, specifically the deterioration of the Lebanese Lira, however, what has been reported and documented during the election day was not only highly disappointing but also empties the democratic election process of its true core.”


Out of the many violations reported, here are a few notable ones:

  • Hezbollah and Amal Movement partisans attack candidate Wassef El Harakeh in Berj El Barajneh.
  • A member of the security forces interferes in the voting process in Mazraet Sajed in Hermel.
  • Delegates of one of the lists were kicked out of the polling station by partisans of an opposing list in Beqaa.
  • LADE monitors were removed from one of the polling stations in Rmedeyye and Mazraet El Tout after being threatened by partisans.
  • The ongoing chaos in polling stations in Metn and submitting voting sheets without the removal of the serial number.
  • Not to mention the ongoing breaking of electoral silence by running candidates and the president of Lebanon Michel Aoun.

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