LAF Commander Gives Powerful Speech In International Conference For Lebanese Army Support (Video)

Lebanese army commander Joseph Aoun calls on Lebanese officials to take action to prevent further deterioration of the situation in Lebanon.

Lebanese Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun has been making every effort to save his country’s army from falling apart in the midst of economic turmoil and dire living conditions.

Warning that the situation in Lebanon was untenable and that things were only going to get worse, Gen. Aoun campaigned for support from France late last month.

In turn, France hosted an international aid conference on Thursday to gain urgent funds that could keep the Lebanese Army on its feet and prevent it from collapsing. The conference was virtual and attended by 20 countries.

Appealing for support in the conference, Gen. Aoun had a striking and powerful message.

Speaking in English to the attendee nations, he asked, “How can a soldier support a family with a salary that does not exceed $90?”

He noted that the LAF is the sole guarantor of safety and security in Lebanon as well as the most trusted institution domestically and internationally.

“The situation is critical. If unmitigated, the economic and financial crisis will inevitably lead to the collapse of all state institutions including the LAF, the backbone of the country and the sole remaining functioning institution.”

“If God forbid the LAF collapses, the state entity will collapse and the country will be in turmoil,” he warned apprehensively.

Here are relevant parts of his speech:

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