14 Lakes & Mountain Pools Where You Can Escape Beirut’s Heat!

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The Lebanese mountains offer a large variety of great lakes, rivers, and pools for a most pleasant experience away from the summer heat of Beirut and the coastal cities.

From loving mother nature’s free lakes and rivers, to resort pools with an entrance fee, here are a selection of sites to consider experiencing this summer.

All sums up to: summers are awesome in Lebanon!

#1 Baakline river

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#2 Beit El Kroum


#3 Bkoufa lake

#4 Chouwen lake

#5 Le Grand Chalet, Zaarour

#6 Oyoun El Samak

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Location: Akkar

#7 Terre Brune Hotel

#8 The Pool Cafรฉ in Grand Hills Hotel, Broumana

#9 Zenotel, Bhersaf

#10 Pine Land, Hammana

#11 Falougha lake

#12 Akoura lake

#13 Bnachaii, Zgharta

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#14 Chouf