12 Stunning Lakes To Have An Amazing Picnic In Lebanon

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Lebanon is not short on bodies of water such as lakes, natural pools, large ponds, and riverside spots where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a great picnic this summer.

While you enjoy the natural spot of your choice with your family or friends, remember to give back to the environment the serenity and beauty it gives you. Keep it clean and green.

Here are 12 of the most stunning lakes in Lebanon where you can go enjoy an amazing picnic!

#1 Akoura

The name “Akoura” is Syriac for “the cold spring” or “the cold fountain” which alludes to the rich water sources in the mountain village. Scattered with its famous irrigation ponds, Akoura also has a waterfall that dips into a large natural pool.

#2 Ammiq

The Ammiq wetland is a mesmerizing and dream-like water body in Lebanon’s countryside of Bekaa. The location is otherworldly with its stunning nature and ecological diversity.

#3 Afqa

This unbelievable pool is formed by a waterfall emerging from the Afqa Grotto, the source and spring of the Adonis River (Nahr Ibrahim).

#4 Baakline

This hidden gem in the Chouf District offers views of crystal blue formed from cascading waterfalls.

#5 Bnaachi

The artificial Bnaachi lake surrounded by restaurants and cafes is a most enjoyable site for a meal and activities, such as a boat ride, in Zghatra, North Lebanon.

#6 Chabrouh

Located in Faraya in the Kesserwan District is the stunning Chabrouh lake. The lake was created by a dam built to provide water to the surrounding villages.

#7 Chouwen

Reachable after a medium-level hike in the Jabal Moussa Nature Reserve, the Chouwen “lake” is a popular gathering spot for picnics and swimming. The cold water of the Adonis River from which the lake is made of can only be described as heavenly after the hike.

#8 Oyoun El-Samak

This stunning body of water is located in the less-traveled areas of Lebanon. Located in Wadi Jahannam, the peaceful retreat, compact with waterfall and river sightings as well as calm waters, is around 30 kilometers north of Lebanon’s second-largest city Tripoli.

#9 Oyoun Orgosh

Situated on the eastern side of Lebanon’s highest summit, Qornet es-Sawda, Ouyoun Orgosh is a beautiful hidden gem located 25 kilometers away from the Cedars of God.

#10 Qaraoun

Lake Qaranoun is the beautiful result of the largest dam in Lebanon at the Litani River.

#11 Taanayel

The wonderful and serene Taanayel Lake offers an exceptional picnic experience where you can come across the lakehouse’s adorable residents: ducks!

#12 Yammouneh

Located in the Baalbek district, the Yammouneh Lake is home to Lebanon’s only endemic fish, Pseudophoxinus libani (Levantine minnow).