Large Fire Destroys Gas Station In North Lebanon

@adelsamia | @aboghazihneineh

Many gas stations across the country are either closing very early or deciding not to open at all due to the lack of fuel.

However, the APEC station on the Qalamoun highway was one of the few gas stations that were open on Saturday noon near Tripoli, in North Lebanon.

But for reasons still unknown, a huge fire broke out at the station burning a car in the process, completely destroying it.

According to the Lebanese Civil Defense, the dispatched team of firefighters managed to extinguish the fire at 11:45 am. Damage was limited to materials.

Given the state of the station, as seen in pictures, the damage is grave, but no people were injured in the raging fire.

Nonetheless, these days, even property damage is a heavy burden to carry with the economic conditions and volatile exchange rate.

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