Large Number Of Fish Found Floating Dead At Sidon Fishermen Port (Video)


A large number of floating dead fish were found at the Fishermen port of Sidon, south Lebanon, on Friday.

The cause of the disaster is believed to be contamination by leaked sewage from the wastewater treatment plant that has stopped working due to fuel shortage.

However, local fishermen blame the plant for pumping untreated toxic sewage into the sea, as this is not the first incident of this type.

The environmental problem due to negligence is a recurrent issue in Lebanon and has been further disregarded during the ongoing socio-economic situation.

In September, Lebanon asked for a loan from the World Bank to fix the Litani River and the Qaraoun lake, which, despite their scenic merit, are infamous for their extreme pollution problems.

Back in April of this year, tonnes of dead fish wash up on the shore of the Qaraoun lake due to pollution.

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