Latest ‘Rise Above Lebanon’ Videos Will Make You Love Lebanon Even More!

The Rise Above Lebanon is an incredible project by Live Love Lebanon, a campaign by the Tourism Board of Lebanon. Millions of people saw the main Rise Above Lebanon video. If you haven’t you can find it at the end of the article.

Two more Rise Above Lebanon videos were released this week; Rise Above North Lebanon and Rise Above South Lebanon. If the first video didn’t make you fall in Lebanon with Lebanon, these 2 new ones will!

Rise Above South Lebanon

The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism loved the incredible work the Two Wheels Across production team did with the first Rise Above Lebanon. So much so that they asked them to produce 2 more.

On top of that, many people complained that there were barely any shots from the North of Lebanon, so that may have motivated the Ministry of Tourism to make one for North Lebanon.

Of course, if you do one for the North, you have to do one for the South. If I’m not mistaken, the Ministry of Tourism arranged for a Lebanese Army helicopter to fly around the Two Wheels Across production team to take these shots, on top of the usual drone shots!

It definitely paid off! I wonder if they will do one of the Bekaa Valley. I’m sure it will be absolutely gorgeous from above!

Check out the original Rise Above Lebanon video that was released early this year:

Original Rise Above Lebanon

Rise Above South

Rise Above North

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