LAU Students Just Organized A Sit-In Against The Dollarization Of Tuition Fees

Sarah Asmar | @rawadtaha

Students of the Lebanese American University (LAU) organized a sit-in on Wednesday on the Byblos and Beirut campuses to protest their university’s decision regarding their tuition fees.

The new decision, which will be in force as of Fall 2022, requires that students pay their tuition in fresh dollars, making the fees unaffordable for most.

Journalists who came to cover the protest were prevented by the university from entering the campuses.

Business news reporter Paula Naoufal said, “What is happening in the Lebanese American University gives a glimpse of hope. When students saw an unfair decision that hindered their future, they collectively allied and began sit-ins at the university, and demanded their rights.”

This is not the first time university students in Lebanon protested against the “dollarization” of installments.

When the current economic crisis began, school and university students felt the impact on their education. Many started leaving their school and university for lack of funds.

Hundreds of students had to switch from private universities to the state-run Lebanese University, which is also facing difficulties. Public schools have been also enduring overcapacity.

The catastrophic inflation is affecting the future generation both directly and indirectly, leaving thousands of young Lebanese seeking jobs instead of education, and causing a major brain drain.