New Law Was Proposed To Include Physical Education As A Basic Subject In The Lebanese Official Exams

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The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban

The Youth and Sports Committee of the Lebanese Parliament, headed by Representative Simon Abi Ramia, approved the proposal of a law to adopt physical education as a basic subject in the official exams for the Brevet and Bac certificates, provided that its implementation begins for the academic year 2023-2024.

Abi Ramia explained, “This proposal has been submitted since 2011 and physical education is a basic subject in accordance with the Lebanese curricula adopted since 1997. It was suspended in 2003 by a decision of the Ministry of Education.”

The session included a discussion about the possibility of implementing this law due to the lack of readiness of schools with the necessary stadiums, so the proposal was to adopt the municipal facilities.

As for the insufficient preparation of sports coaches, contracting with coaches opens the way to secure and create job opportunities for more than 3,000 specialized coaches.

Abi Ramia stressed, “the importance of the law, which constitutes a revolution in the field of sports and education, as it allows for the attraction of sports energies and it adopts the athletes participating in the national teams by exempting them from premiums school and university.”

It is to note that Lebanon has been shining in international sports championships thanks to its outstanding athletes as witnessed in recent times.

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