LBCI News Anchor & Reporter Just Resigned After 30+ Years

LBCI News Anchor Of 30+ Years Quits, Will Leave Lebanon
Instagram/Bassam Abou Zeid | The Rahnuma Daily

One of the most well-known news anchors and TV presenters in Lebanon, Bassam Abou Zeid, has concluded his long journey with one of the country’s biggest news stations.

On Monday, September 14th, Abou Zeid presented his last newscast LBCI. After delivering the last piece of news, he took around 2 minutes to make a heartfelt announcement to the audience.

“Today is my last day at LBCI. [In] 31 years at this corporation, I’ve learned a lot, got tired a lot; got happy and sad,” he started.

“During 31 years, I’ve made a journalistic journey that I’m proud of and tried to preserve credibility and objectivity, and I believe I succeeded.”

“31 years and you, the audience, accompanied me with your support, your love, and your emotion, and this helped me a lot and gave me the strength to continue my path, so I thank you with all my heart,” Abou Zeid continued.

He then thanked what he called his “large family” at LBCI” and his small family, his own family, “which got tired and sacrificed with me.”

“After 31 years, I made the decision of leaving; a decision that is not at all easy, but the economic and living conditions that we’re all suffering from are what imposed such a decision upon me and others.”

With that said, he announced that he would be having a new experience in the field of journalism, hoping to succeed despite the difficulties, the first of which he said was leaving Lebanon and his family.

“In any case, I’m not emigrating, and I’m not leaving with no return. Therefore, I say to you, until we meet again, and I love you all. Goodbye.”

Bassam Abou Zeid’s televised announcement was shared widely on social media and attracted many engagements from fans and colleagues who wished him good fortune in his future undertakings.

A few weeks back, a Télé Liban news anchor of 11 years also quit on TV after delivering his last newscast before a bold message to Lebanon’s ruling class.

Notably, emigration from Lebanon recently skyrocketed due to the worsening living conditions and economic crisis, catalyzed by the August 4 explosion. Emigration is also hitting Lebanon’s health sector. Since July, 300 doctors and 200 nurses have already applied for emigration.

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