LBCI Refuses To Broadcast Speeches By Lebanese Politicians

LBCI | @marwabsat

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) has announced that it will stop live coverage of statements, press conferences, and speeches of politicians.

At this point, Lebanon needs “actions not words,” said the LBCI news anchor this afternoon.

The announcement came hours before a speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who was giving his first statement since the sudden mega-explosion caused mayhem on Tuesday.

Until the Lebanese politicians make a change, the news channel will keep on deliberately ignoring their public statements, because, as LBCI rightfully believes, the public needs more than empty promises.

It is certain that the people can no longer stand politicians’ speeches that are just that, words. Words with no meanings since positive actions are not seen on the grounds.

Talks that fill an already toxic air (in all senses), talks that bring more pain to the wounded people for being void of any use, and talks that incite the people against each other in the name of sectarianism.

Pretense and denial, blame redirections, twisted truths, total lack of sense of responsibility, and the media used as their channel to boost their egos and mislead their communities and the people.

All while the people continue to suffer… exponentially.

We certainly have had enough. We want solutions in action that serve the Lebanese people and only the Lebanese people.

Saluting LBCI!

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LBCI Refuses To Broadcast Speeches By Lebanese Politicians

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