French Foreign Minister Is In Lebanon To Urge Serious Reform


Kickstarting his two-day visit in , French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian met with senior officials in Baabda Palace on Thursday.

Together with President and Prime Minister , they looked into ways to save from its economical disaster.

Le Drian’s visit came after he voiced deep concerns over ’s situation. “Help us help you,” he said, urging Lebanon to help itself, in a parliamentary session in earlier this month.

AFP via The National

Le Drian arrived in bearing a warning to Lebanese officials. If serious reforms are not made, will not extend .

According to Reuters, “Diab told him had accomplished a number of reforms despite “obstacles” and had set out a timeline for further reforms.”

However, has noted that there has been no fundamental reform in the months since the government’s formation.

Neither have the people.

AP Photo

One clear example is the repealing of the law of appointments based on merit, adding to the fact that, on the ground, the people haven’t seen reforms. The compounding crises continue to aggravate and so are their sufferings.

Nevertheless, “ is looking forward to ’s assistance in the reform process and in the fight against corruption,” said President Aoun.

In parallel to Le Drian’s visit, French President  is reportedly working on a big plan to save Lebanon.

, which was a former colonial power in and deems itself a close friend to , is already rescuing students of French schools from the Lebanese .

Like , the U.S., , and have also expressed the desire to see stable again.

With the forensic audit finally approved, will help out of its enormous debt?

And could really help liberate itself from decades of corruption that, after all, is closely linked to the complex system of appointments based on sect?

The big question, though, is whether the ruling officials will allow that to happen.

has made one thing clear: will not receive help if it does not get serious about change.

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