Lebanese Man Becomes 3rd Millionaire Winner Of Dubai’s Mahzooz Draw

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Lebanese man living in Dubai just became the third lucky winner of the Emirati founded Loto, Mahzouz Draw, when his lotto number 6-11-13-31-34-37 hit the jackpot, securing him AED 1,000,000.

A new millionaire in Dubai, the Lebanese expat, who is being referred to as Abu Ali, is now in possession of what equates to USD 272,255.50

Abu Ali wasn’t really following up on the draw results, probably not expecting to win anything. He was relaxing at home watching Netflix when his phone beeped, informing him that he was the lucky winner.

Apparently, it took time for the life-changing news to sink in.

One million Emirati dirhams is certainly life-changing for a hard-working Lebanese father, especially during these economically challenging times.

Abu Ali, who feels blessed by the unexpected win, has already figured out what to do with that large amount of money. He will “secure the future of his children” and give away the remaining to a charitable cause.

He and his wife believe that it is only fair to “share your good fortune with others,” as he told Al-Bawaba.

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“I am a strong believer in never taking things for granted and vowed to continue taking everyday life the same way as before,” he told Gulf News. “I’m behaving like this money has already been placed aside for the future.”

Soon after finding out that he has become a millionaire, Abu Ali, a mathematics graduate, was back to working on his laptop.

The Mahzooz Draw, which means Lucky Draw, is actually a socially-conscious initiative that focuses on giving back to the community.

A customer enters the draw by purchasing a water bottle from Al Emarat. Proceeds are then donated to “hydrate those in need.”

The program is co-hosted by Lebanese TV presenter Wissam Breidy along with Indian model and presenter Aishwarya Ajit.