Abused Dog In Viral Video In Lebanon Is Finally In Safe Hands

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Warning: The following article may be triggering to some as it involves the inhumane treatment of animals.

On Sunday, the animal rescue page SunsetJina Rescue uploaded on Instagram a video showing a dog tied and being hit by a couple in Kaslik, Keserwan District.

The video went viral by many Lebanese activists, triggering outrage. Volunteers from the Gaia Fodoulian Association rushed in search of the dog and the household.

Upon finding the household, the volunteers had a conversation with the dog’s owners, who signed an agreement to have the association foster the dog, Cooper, and find him a better home.

“The owners expressed regret at their handling of the dog, Cooper. After assessing the situation, the owners decided that it would be better off for Cooper if he were handed over into our custody,” stated the association on Twitter.

When confronted by activists, the man said that he wasn’t mistreating the dog, rather he was “training” him to be obedient.

The cruel action of the couple is not the first in Lebanon as there was a wave of killing animals during the COVID-19 pandemic, for wrongly believing that they cause the spread of the virus to humans.

Contrary to the wrong claims, 961 published an informative article of awareness, in an attempt to stop the mistreatment of innocent animals.

Additionally, the economic crisis also affected how Lebanese people treated their animals, as many had to get rid of their pets for not being able to afford their food and vaccination.

Even with the Animal Protection and Welfare law 47/2017, the security forces are not always taking the necessary measures against animal abusers, leaving their roles to many associations and organizations to step in and protect the animals.

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