Watch This Lebanese Political Activist Perfectly Explain The Situation In Lebanon

Nabil Ismail | France 24

In a video that is now going viral, Lebanese writer, public policy consultant, and political activist Sara El-Yafi perfectly explains in under 5 minutes Lebanon’s crisis on France 24’s The Debate with Tom Burges Watson.

The961 learned from Watson that the video has been seen by tens of thousands of people in the past 12 hours.

Additionally, the video has been circulating across Lebanese pages on social media with people liking and sharing as they fully agree with El-Yafi’s eloquent explanation of the dire situation in Lebanon.

She painted the most truthful picture to translate to international viewers the harrowing reality. “This is not a Hollywood movie,” she said, detailing the reasons why citizens and residents are and have to be enraged.

“And what has the political class done to remedy to all those horrors that I just enunciated? Nothing! They have done nothing, except hold onto their seats and arm-wrestle…”

A graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, El-Yafi has risen in recent times, locally and internationally, as a powerful voice for the country the Lebanese people want and have been protesting for.

In that video, she went full force slamming the Lebanese politicians, calling them “a club of mafias and militias”.

“They are mafia lords, militia lords, a can of carcinogenic worms who thrive and survive in sectarian divides,” she accused them on the international news channel.

This comes at a time when the political authorities have been trying to silence protesters, shut down demonstrations by force, and suppress the freedom of speech and press.

They apparently seem to believe it to be the smartest or only way to end the country’s crises, disregarding the fact that it is these crises that are bringing the people to protest and the journalists to speak up.

But the Lebanese people have had more than enough, watching the political authorities’ denial and idleness while the country is hitting rock bottom.

They have all reasons to be enraged, and that is what El-Yafi boldly expresses in that interview with France 24.

Watch her shed light on Lebanon’s situation in her mind-blowing opener here: