Lebanese Activist Groups Fused To Create A National Civil Front

Lebanese Activist Groups Fused To Create _National Civil Front

Under the slogan, “the revolution is continuous,” several Lebanese activist groups established the “National Civil Front.”

The Front is a “national assembly” that organizes efforts to pursue and achieve the demands of the October 17 uprising.

It consists of a large number of opinion leaders and activist groups and focuses on achieving many “constants,” most notably forming an independent government and holding early, free, and honest parliamentary elections.

It also calls for the establishment of an independent judiciary, the implementation of reforms across different sectors, the attachment to Lebanese sovereignty, and building a national, productive, and sustainable economy.

The National Civil Front was forged by the problems surrounding and overwhelming Lebanon today, from the increase in poverty rates to international sanctions and their repercussions, and the inability of the government to resolve these problems.

It is “an open platform for all revolutionaries, civil society groups, and people of opinion to join its constants and unite efforts to avoid the collapse and place the country on the path of salvation,” its founding document read.

Notably, sources from within the National Civil Front told Al-Liwaa that the Front is “not a partisan formula” and does not cancel the programs of any of its member groups.

In fact, it is a coordination framework that will work to unify the efforts, plans, and initiatives to achieve the goals of the uprising.

It will also strive to “meet every existing internal or external effort to rid Lebanon of its deepening crises, and meet all Lebanese in building a state and citizenship that meets their aspirations.”

It is worth pointing out that there is a new uprising materializing lately with groups stepping up and allying to make front to the ongoing challenges and try to save the country.

In addition to the newly-formed National Civil Front, 50 prominent expats rallied this week in Brussels under the July 11th Expatriate Appeal to bring effective solutions that could save their homeland, and 14 organizations have united in one front to defend freedom of expression in Lebanon.

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