Meet The Lebanese Actor From Tripoli Who’s Making It In Hollywood

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Ahmed El-Mawas is an up-and-coming Hollywood actor hailing from Tripoli, Lebanon. Although born in London, Ahmed was raised between Ghana and Lebanon.

Proud of his roots, Ahmed dedicates a lot of his work to his Lebanese heritage and has many comedy videos related to his background. 

Ahmed graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2006. It sure made his family proud, but that wasn’t it for him.

After graduating, he had a successful modeling career where he appeared in commercials and print campaigns, after which he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television.

Following his heart, he found himself between auditions, trying to get a chance, but couldn’t find what he was looking for.

He then turned to social media, where he became the star of his own videos and short movies.  

Ahmed kept up this work for many years, and it all paid off in 2019. That year, he booked two roles that opened the doors widely for him.

These roles “notarized and validated my decade-long hustle,” he wrote on social media. “My life did a complete 180,” he said, “and I was convinced that nothing is impossible.”

Ahmed played an FBI agent in The Misfits, an upcoming action-heist film, which was filmed in Abu Dhabi.

The film stars none other than the legendary Pierce Brosnan as the lead character, along with other famous celebrities like Nick Cannon, Hermione Corfield, and more.

This was Ahmed’s door into Hollywood.

Other than starring in The Misfits, Ahmed played roles in the famous TV series NCIS, and in several other short films.

Ahmed encourages other Lebanese to follow their passions and make their dreams come true, saying: “I’m no different than any person from Tripoli.” 

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