Lebanese Actor Joins Cast For Upcoming International Comedy-Drama


After playing in the recent film, The Misfits, where he starred alongside the likes of veteran actors Pierce Brosnan, Tim Roth, and Nick Cannon, Lebanese actor Ahmed Mawas is back in the Middle East to work on another film.

North of the 10 is a story of friendship and chasing dreams with a love story weaved into it. It’s a bromance with a splash of romcom, Mawas told The961.

“This is the first indie film that has moved a collective crew of this size around the world from the Midwest (Chicago) to the Mideast (Abu Dhabi),” he said.

Mawas, who is from Tripoli and has a bit of Ghanian blood proudly flowing through his veins, will play the role of Omar, a serial entrepreneur who comes from an affluent family of Syrian descent.

“This is a very special role because I had the opportunity to share the screen with Middle Eastern legends Samer Masri and Jumana Mourad and learn a lot from both of them,” he said.

Mawas also hailed one of North of the 10‘s producers Qais Qindil (The Misfits) for representing the Middle East, specifically the UAE, in a positive light across the world through film.

More on the film

Alongside Qindil, North of the 10 is also being produced by Emmy Nominee/Rambo producer Elijah Long, in addition to Sonal Vara-Parmar, the Strategic Advisor at the Prime Minister’s office in UAE.

North of the 10 is an international independent film supported by global social media influencers and seasoned actors, including academy award winner Terrence Jenkins, Mawas told The961.

American TV personality Don Benjamin and actor/influencer DeStorm Power are also starring in the movie.

The film is directed by Rhyan LaMarr, and is the first of 7 films that will roll out over the next four years by Red Guerrilla Entertainment, a Black indie film company based in Chicago.

Mawas told The961 that North of the 10 is currently in production and will be released in the spring of 2022.

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Lebanese Actor Joins Cast For Upcoming International Comedy-Drama

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