Lebanese Revolutionaries Are Giving Advice To American Protesters On Twitter

AP Photo/Hussein Malla

For over the last 24-hours, امريكا_تنتفض# (America revolts) has been the number one trending on Lebanese Twitter.

Tweets in which Lebanese protesters make comparisons between the Minneapolis riots and the October 17 Revolution flooded the social platform.

For those who don’t know, riots broke out across America as a result of the rise in police brutality towards African Americans, namely George Floyd who died by choking while a white police officer knelt on his neck. Disgraceful.

Since then, US riot police have taken to the streets, and nationwide unrest is at large.

Feeling empathy towards the American protesters, the Lebanese have created a new trending hashtag and it’s نصائح_للثوار_بأميركا# (Advice to American Protesters).

Within a few hours, the hashtag became #1 in Lebanon trends and reached 15.6M viewers.

Here are some of the tips Lebanese revolutionaries are eagerly giving to the protesters in America.

How to repel tear gas bombs:

“New technique to repel tear gas: badminton racquet.”

Don’t take these kinds of photos:

“If you want to take a picture, just don’t do it like this, or you’ll become a laughing stock.”

“If they burn the symbol of your revolution…”

“If you install a symbol for your revolution and they burn it down, just burn their Statue of Liberty.”

“Roses don’t work with the army, don’t waste your money.”

Come prepared for a water fight.

“Wear nylon clothing because they’ll try to spray you with water, and follow this tactic to finish up their water.”

When you get in front of the White House sing this:

Don’t believe their false promises.

“If they promised you a government of technocrats, don’t be stupid and say, ‘We want to give them a chance’ … Be ugly.”

What to do if Trump told you to emigrate:

“If Trump told you ‘if you don’t like it here, emigrate’ throw his son in law in the ocean.”

Pre-think your comment for news channels.

“Before you go down [to the protest], think about what you want to say when the reporter asks: ‘Why did you go down the street…’ The best answer after my experience is: I came down to get my pants shortened!!”

You don’t need to be violent all the time

“It is not necessary to be violent all the time. You can have fun and cheer up in the revolutions squares. Nothing wrong about that.”

“A DJ is very important and keeps spirits high. Get one.”

Play dead when the police arrive.

“As soon as the police arrive, sleep on the floor and play dead.”

When you encounter Fox News…

“When you see a Fox News reporter, stop behind the camera and start screaming.”

“If you’ve been caught, yell out your number so fellow protesters can hear.”


Keep the Shiha with you

“….So if the situation intensifies, you would have filled up your head and are ready.”

“Tires get burned with gasoline, not with Diesel!”

“If you want to bring fireworks, don’t get cheap, they won’t do other than useless noise.”

Get a sandwich with you

… because we won’t be distributing any to you as you did to us. We are deprived.

“Advice to the American Protesters: A DJ is very important and lifts the spirits. Install a DJ.”

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