Lebanon Just Received Tonnes Of Aid From Greece And Poland

Reuters | EPA

Over forty days after the tragic blast, Beirut is continuously receiving neverending support from friendly countries near and far.

On Monday, tonnes of humanitarian aid from both Poland and Greece made their way to Beirut.

Both countries sent foodstuffs to Lebanon, filling a void made by the Beirut Port’s destruction. Without the port, food and essential items cannot be imported as they once were.

The Polish Redemptoris Missio foundation based in Poznan (in western Poland) sent a container of nearly 25 tonnes of foodstuffs with a long shelf life.

The Greek warship “Ikara” carried over 500 pallets of tonnes of food, construction material, and medical supplies collected by over 60 Greek enterprises in the last two weeks.

500 pallets of aid from Greece – Credit: AMNA

Immediately after the blast, Poland and Greece both provided emergency relief to help Beirut locate missing victims and search for possible survivors.

Poland sent over 30 rescuers accompanied by 4 rescue dogs and a chemical rescue module, and Greece quickly deployed 12 rescue workers and a sniffer dog, two vehicles, and equipment.

Tremendous efforts of support continue as well from the Lebanese people in the diaspora, among them the team of Canada For Lebanon that is currently preparing 8 cargo planes of aid in addition to the 2 that recently landed in Beirut.

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