Lebanese Ambassador In Jordan Just Resigned

The Beirut Port explosion turned the eyes on the corrupt politicians. We are thoroughly looking for answers to our various questions. Suspicions are rising and the Lebanese are becoming more demanding.

Right after the explosion, Marwan Hamadeh resigned from his position as a member of the Lebanese parliament.

“I am no longer honored to be a member of institutions that watch the country’s devastation with a total bias that has destroyed it and impoverished it in front of the world,” he said.

Now, Lebanon’s Ambassador in Jordan Tracy Chamoun just announced her resignation. Appearing at Marcel Ghanem’s show “It’s About Time”, she clarified her reasons.

Tracy Chamoun

She declared that the Beirut Port Explosion was the cherry on top of the corruption and she no longer wants to have anything to do with the government.

She went further stating that, in order for the Lebanese people to be able to move forward after this disaster, “the voting system should be changed accordingly.”

Chamoun resigned but not before working on ensuring that Jordan’s support went through to Lebanon.

She also revealed that she had to remain silent for a whole year about the revolution, which cause she seems to support, out of respect to her position as ambassador.

“Now, I’ve finally set myself free so that I’ll be able to express my views,” she stated.

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