Lebanese Ambassador to Italy Achieves Agreements for Italian Tourism to Lebanon

Our Ambassador of Lebanon to Italy, Mira Daher, has been lately pouring her enthusiasm into many activities to help promote the tourism sector of Lebanon as much as she can.



Mrs. Daher began her activities by meeting officials of the Italian Ministry of Tourism and Foreign Affairs. She called for encouraging traveling to Lebanon and canceling the so-called reservation towards the travel of Italian citizens.

She stated that the current circumstances contradict any warning, and Lebanon is considered to be one of the safest countries.


The Lebanese ambassador also held a meeting at the headquarters of the Lebanese Embassy with a number of senior representatives of tourism companies in the Italian capital.

These representatives came out with a positive impression stressing for the need to work to organize tourist trips to Lebanon.

From her side, the ambassador explained the importance of these touristic trips, “Tourism in Lebanon has many forms and options, including leisure and skiing, religious tourism, visiting religious sites, museums, cultural sites, and historical monuments, as well as to learn about the traditions and customs of the Lebanese people that are close to Italy.”


She also revived the invitation of his holiness Pope Francis to visit the religious areas of Lebanon in order to identify its history, spiritual values, and beliefs.

Moreover, the participants told the National Media Agency that the meeting was very fruitful and that they will work seriously to start organizing trips to the ‘excellent tourist country’ [Lebanon].



Mira Daher was assigned Ambassador to Italy back in 2017. Her name was among the 14 women candidates approved by the Cabinet for ambassador positions while diplomatic appointments were being finalized for 74 Lebanese embassy and consulates in the world.

In addition to her diplomatic role for Lebanon in Italy, Daher presented her credentials to the president of the Republic of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, in 2018, becoming as such a non-resident Ambassador of Lebanon to Malta.

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