Lebanese Americans Among The Most Successful Ethnicities In America

The Lebanese diaspora is quite known for integrating well, having good food, and, of course, being successful.

Lebanese Americans have especially done well with all the above. Lebanese have properly integrated, entered American politics at all levels, created businesses, led major corporations, and so on.

For the median household income in the United States, Lebanese Americans got the 11th position – out of 96 different ancestries.

The current median household income for Lebanese Americans is $ 74,757. Indian Americans, Taiwanese Americans, and Filipino Americans make the most with $101,591, $85,566 and $82,389 respectively.

The 3 ethnicities making the least are Somali-American, Iraqi-American and Burmese American with $22,368, $32,594 and $35,016 respectively.

Arab/Arabic ethnicity are making $39,395 – making them the 4th least paid ethnicity in America.

We’ve found some really interesting stats about Lebanese-Americans from the American government’s census

Here’s the official list sourced from Wiki:

  • 96.5% are of a single race – 3.5% have 2 or 3 races
  • 35% of those who are over 15 years old are single
  • Of the 5217 women between 15 to 50 who gave birth last year – 17% were unmarried
  • 5% of those over 18 years have served in the US Military
  • Around 20% were born outside the US
  • Of those born abroad: 79.8% were born in Asia (mostly Lebanon), 11.1% in Latin America, and 5.5% in Africa.
  • 69.4% only speak English and 30.6% speak another language as well
  • 50.3% work in management, business, science, and arts
  • 13.5% work in service
  • 24.7% work in sales and office
  • 67.9% own the house they live in while 32.1% are renting

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