Lebanese Analyst Just Selected Judge for Conrad Challenge

In an unprecedented occurrence and strategic alliance with Lebanon, the Conrad Foundation selected Technical Analyst and Senior Lecturer Antoine Tannous as a judge in the Conrad Challenge that takes place annually at Kennedy Space Center in Florida – United States.


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This multi-phase innovation and entrepreneurial competition, which encourages young adults to leave their mark on the world, gathers several small teams of students, aged 13 to 18, from around the world to create products and/or services that address some of the most pressing global challenges.

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As shared with us by Mr. Tannous himself, “Students take direct control of their learning – it extends well beyond the bounds of the school day and becomes an all-encompassing, passionate mission. They leave the title of ‘student’ and become entrepreneurial problem-solvers, addressing challenging social, scientific and societal issues through creativity and critical thinking.”

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This Conrad Challenge is held in collaboration with NASA, Kennedy Space Center, America’s Navy, Delaware North, Griffin Communication Group, and many others of such high caliber.


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Mr. Tannous, who has been endorsed as the ambassador of the Conrad Foundation to Lebanon, will be developing a Conrad Challenge program in the country.

In fact, Mr. Tannous has been trying very hard to make the Lebanese brains a great part of the international presence and interaction. He held many meetings in the US with Mrs. Nancy Conrad – the founder of Conrad foundation.


He has also been working with many Lebanese officials to present Lebanon in many worldwide fairs and organizations to support the Lebanese brains.

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Speaking to El-Nashra, a local media source, Mr. Tannous stressed that “Lebanon is classified among the first countries in the field of artificial intelligence and robotic science.” He said, “It’s strange that there is no interest or support from the state,” and added that he will discuss the details of these topics with the president soon.


Mr. Tannous also revealed that they are “working on an agreement to link Lebanon with the “Society for Science and the Public”, a US-based science and public society, emphasizing on that most scientists have established themselves from there.

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Mr. Antoine Tannous is a Lebanese managing director, TV analyst and a senior lecturer. He has presented and produced many high tech innovations on many Lebanese and Arab TV and radio stations.  He also delivers several courses like Quality, strategic, international, and project management at universities based in Lebanon.


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Throughout his life, Mr. Tannous has received many prestigious awards. He was selected three times as a Grand Award Judge at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). He was also a panel Judge for SMART and Cyber Projects, selected by Conard Challenge at NASA – Challenge Project 2018 – 2019.

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