10+ Lebanese and Spanish Words That Sound and Mean The Same

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If you are a traveler like most Lebanese and have visited Spain or any country in Latin America, you (or your ears) might have noticed these words that sound familiar.

You might have also understood what they mean. Let’s check out how many of these words you have recognized as sounding and meaning the same as in Lebanon:

#1 Ojalá (Inshallah)

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Ojala, pronounced Okhalah (Oh Allah from where it derives), does mean Inshallah in Spanish.

Does that mean we’re not the only ones who have heard “inshallah” from our parents and wondered if it was a yes or a no?

#2 Pantalón (Trousers)

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The word stems from an Italian comedian character, Pantalone, of the 16th century. It was his hose portrayed as being down around his feet that the word pantalon we so use comes from.

#3 Camisa (Shirt)

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Camisa = Qamiss (قميص)

#4 Blusa (Blouse)

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It’s pretty much the same word in both languages, and very similar in English! According to Etymonline, the word probably originated from the word Pelusium, a city in Egypt known for clothes manufacturing.

#5 Aceite (the Oil)

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Azeite = Al-zeit (الزيت)

#6 Aceituna (the Olive)

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Aceitouna = Al-zeitouneh ( الزيتون)

#7 Limón (Lemon)

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Limón = Laymoun (ليمون)

#8 Azúcar (the Sugar)

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Azúcar = Al-sukkar (السكر)

#9 Berenjena (Eggplant)

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Berengena sounds similar to the batenjan (باذنجان)

#10 Aldea (the Village)

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Aldea = Al-day3a (الضيعة)

#11 Guitarra (Guitar)

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This could be similar to most languages. For us, Guitarra sounds and means the same like جيتار

#12 Música (Music)

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Música = Musiqa (موسيقى)

#14 Algodón (the Cotton)

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Algodón = Alqotn (القطن)

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