Two Lebanese Kids Are Finalists In Australia’s International SmartFone Flick Fest


Two Lebanese kids, who are brothers and YouTubers, were announced as a finalist in Australia’s 8th Annual International SmartFone Flick Fest (SF3), which will be taking place from November 5 until November 20, 2022.

9-years-old Oliver and 5-years-old Lucas, from Oliver and Lucas – Educational Videos for Kids, are two entertaining brothers taking the internet by storm with their educational YouTube videos, some of which have reached half a million views from fans worldwide.

Their Youtube channel was also reviewed by the Melbourne-based Herald Sun as “Melbourne’s best lockdown videos.”

Early this year, both Oliver and Lucas traveled to West Africa and Lebanon to film a series of episodes to celebrate the interesting cultures of Lebanon and Liberia.

The two Lebanese brothers shared with little viewers the history of Baalbek, the Castle of Moussa, and even attended a traditional Liberian wedding.

Upon their return, they submitted one of their episodes, The Magic in Liberia, as a short movie to the SmartPhone Flick Fest (SF3), a global smartphone film festival for filmmakers coming from all ages.

“To their delight, they have been informed that the judges are extremely impressed with the little brother’s short film and have been chosen as a finalist,” their mother Genwa Rafeh told 961.

“The future is looking promising as they have also been invited to partner and train with YouTube for future videos,” she added.

Initially, the mother launched the YouTube channel for her kids out of frustration during the Melbourne lockdowns. “So, I started doing fun things, and then we thought, why not document these fun things,” she once shared with StarWeekly in Hobsons Bay.

The educational videos soon took off with the charismatic kids gaining massive popularity and their educational activities expanding beyond the home’s kitchen and taking the world.

Certainly, kudo to the mother for turning her “frustration” into a constructive activity that became a venture and has been making a difference, not only for her kids but also for their peers around the world.

You can watch the Oliver and Lucas’ The Magic in Liberia video here:

To watch more of what these two amazing kids have been doing, check Oliver and Lucas – Educational Videos for Kids‘ YouTube Channel.

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