Lebanese Recycle App Just Won The GreenTech Award For Best Startup

Live Love Recycle

After reaching third place competing with Swiss Pod and City To Sea, the Lebanese recycling group Live Love Recycle won the Green Award of Greentech for the best environmental startup.

Two years ago, Live Love Recycle launched a “Recycling Uber” app to make recycling easier around Beirut. It has allowed users to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, nylon, metal, transparent glass, cans, used cooking oil, electronics, batteries, and clothes.

Users of the app have only to pack their recyclables into a maximum of 2 bags, request a pick up on the app, and hand their bags to Live Love’s e-drivers.

The initiative has seemingly enhanced making Beirut cleaner and greener. So far, Live Love Recycle has collected over 40,500 bags, 100,000 recyclables, and 4,111 household items in Beirut.

The Green Awards of Greentech celebrate the most innovative projects and minds. During its festival in Berlin on Friday, the live poll on its social media named Live Love Recycle as their startup winner.

For this category, the green organization was “looking for the most promising Start-up that contributes to environmental protection and resource conservation,” as stated on their website.

According to the panel and its social media followings, Live Love Recycle is one of the best startups globally that meets the criteria.

After the blast of August 4th, despite its team members being impacted, Live Love Recycle kept going with its environmental mission, which has been even more relevant.

The group has been collecting damaged glass, electronics, and more recyclable materials to clean up Beirut’s environment while conserving its reusable resources to help rebuild the city.

While everyone is duly worried about focusing on rebuilding their damaged homes and businesses, it is important for Beirut’s residents to recycle valuable materials so that they’ll be able to reuse them for lower prices and keep Beirut cleaner and greener.