Lebanese Citizens Will Need To Fill An Application To Come Back Home

Gianluca Mantellini

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, the airport, seaport, and borders of Lebanon are closed. Hence, many Lebanese people are not able to return home.

Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti is following up on his promise to evacuate all Lebanese citizens stranded abroad. He stated on his Twitter account that over 20,000 Lebanese wish to return to their country.

Hitti has also been working to make money transfers easier to Lebanese students studying in foreign countries.

Based on recommendations of the Foreign Ministry, Lebanese consulates and embassies, such as the one in Montreal and in Russia, are sending applications to expatriates to register their wish to return home.

According to The Daily Star, “the return of Lebanese expatriates is currently the most discussed topic in the country.”

There are conflicting opinions in the Lebanese government – as usual – surrounding the return of the Lebanese people abroad.

On one end, Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that there will be no entry into Lebanon under any circumstance until after the lockdown, which is scheduled April 12th. He believes this would put Lebanon at risk of spreading the coronavirus even more.

On the other end, several political figures such as Nabih Berri, Samir Geagea, Gebran Bassil, and Hassan Nasrallah, have called for the safe return of the expats as soon as possible.

Foreign minister Hitti had already stated earlier that no Lebanese would return until tested negative for the coronavirus.

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