Lebanese Named ‘Vogue Architect’ By Luxury Property Magazine

Lebanese Named 'Vogue Architect' By Luxury Property Magazine
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Lebanese architect Tarek Ibrahim was featured on the UK-based luxury property magazine “Abode2” for his excellence and innovation in his field.

Giving him the title “Vogue Architect,” the international magazine shed light on Ibrahim’s unique vision to change the art of architecture in the region, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

It also recognizes his founding of a new school in the field, which fused multiple theories together and has been rapidly growing in popularity.

Additionally, Abode2 categorized Ibrahim’s distinguished approach under “Future Classics,” for the way it develops the Middle Eastern identity using modern global architecture while maintaining the traditional eastern spirit.

One example of this was a project his office, Paseo Architecture, took in the Chouf District in Lebanon, titled “Extension of Identity,” in which a house that dates back to the 1800s was restored with contemporary additions that gave it a modern design while preserving its original period’s aura.

This project earned itself a spot at the Angewandte Kunst Museum of Modern Art, in addition to the German Design Award 2020 for Paseo Architecture.

Ibrahim’s office previously won the Bronze A’Design Award 2019, the Golden MUSE International Award 2019, and the Kotinos International Award 2018.

It’s important to mention Tarek Ibrahim’s attitude toward his home country, Lebanon, which is going through an unprecedented economic and financial crisis that has forced many companies and businesses to migrate overseas.

The NNA quotes Ibrahim as saying he refuses to leave Lebanon no matter the difficult conditions it’s going through. He firmly believes that the Lebanese youth’s ambition is “so great that it is not limited by any difficulties” and that they can fulfill all their dreams from their homeland.

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