Lebanese Are Booking Flights Back to Lebanon Just to Join the Protests

The anti-government protests in Lebanon reached new levels this week as Lebanese expats have not only been protesting in their cities abroad but many have been also flying back to the homeland just to join their compatriots in the ongoing revolution, which has now marked its 10th day.


On Thursday night, and during a flight from Dubai to Beirut, a group of passengers couldn’t wait to land in Lebanon to join in the protests. The chant and cry that have been in their hearts and minds for ten days reached its peak, and they just let them come out, in the plane.

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In a spontaneous whim, they stood doing their own demonstration, congregating towards the front of the aisle, holding the Lebanese flag, and chanting and clapping the slogans of the protest.


The video of these eager patriotic Lebanese expats hit the social media, showing them shouting out repeatedly Thawra (revolution) and the now-too-famous slogan of the Lebanese Revolution Kellon ya3ni Kellon!

That slogan that calls for “All, we mean All” politicians in the government must resign has been reverberating in the skies of all our cities and from the protests of our diaspora all over the world.  You can probably imagine the faces of the foreign passengers in that plane suddenly carrying the revolution along. 

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The same spirit of patriotism from Lebanese returning home was revealed at Beirut Airport as shown in a video circulating on social media:

As a Lebanese citizen and his group disembarked into the arrival hall, he turned on the national anthem on his cell phone, and all started singing the Lebanese anthem out loud…. to immediately being joined by other travelers in the hall. It is as if just stepping into the Lebanese territory these days means claiming one’s rights to the revolution.

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These two recent videos went viral on all social media platforms, reaching a large number of views as soon as they were posted, and receiving many supporting comments talking about the Lebanese spirts and unity. It has been fascinating to observe the eagerness and excitement of the majority of the Lebanese for this revolution, wherever they are.

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Lebanese diaspora has been standing in solidarity with the Lebanese anti-government protests from all over the world. If you’ve been reading the articles on The961 you would have realized by now that our team has been covering these ongoing demonstrations happing all over the world:


From numerous states in the USA, countries in Europe, cities in Canada and Australia, and even in Iraq, Mexico, Oman, Brazil, Sudan, and New Zealand.

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