This Is How The Lebanese Are Reacting To Lebanon’s 79th Independence Day

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The Lebanese people have come to harbor a conflicting relationship with their homeland.

Each year, on November 22nd, they go on expressing their mixed emotions, ranging from pride and love to distaste and dissatisfaction about belonging to a country managed by dysfunctional politics.

Despite all the circumstances, they still raise their country’s flag high to show their joy and honor their homeland.

So this is how the Lebanese reacted in celebration of Lebanon’s 79th Independence Day:

Despite the imperfections, they are still loyal

“I love you the way you are. I love you my country Lebanon. I love you until the end of time. Happy Independence to Lebanon and its beloved people.”

For 79 years, they are still gathering under one flag

“If your people loved you, you wouldn’t have reached this point, but make sure that you are my cause and my homeland, and I will ransom my blood for you.”

“It is true that we emigrated but we did so you remain steadfast in front of those who stole and exploited you and make sure that you will return to enlighten the world with your beauty and creativity. I love you, Lebanon, my country, I love you.”

And some are just wishing for unity

“I know that my words may not mean much to some people, but if we are not one hand, loving each other, respecting each other, accepting each other, and expressing national interest over our sects and parties, we will never build a homeland in our lives.”

Even after a deep economic crisis, a global pandemic, a 15-year-old civil war, and the Beirut port explosion, independent Lebanon is standing strong enough to defend itself and stay resilient, challenging all the odds of survival for 79 years now.

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