Lebanese Are Taking the Revolution to a Whole New Level… with Yoga Classes!

As Monday’s sun shined above Beirut’s sky, the protestors on Ring Bridge did their yoga class on the road. To assure their peacefulness, the Lebanese decided to cut roads with a morning yoga class, benefitting both their health and the country.


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After 11 days of protesting on the streets, Lebanese decided to create a home for their revolution, The House of the People. They designed their guesthouse with some couches and a fridge, offering their guests free breakfast and a morning yoga class. 

For 12 days now, the Lebanese haven’t failed to impress us with their creativity and positive vibes. In the whole world, if a group wanted to cut a road, they would use overturned dumpsters or burned tires, or just stand there holding hands, but a yoga class? Chapeau Bas!


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Besides, after finishing their yoga class, they would go on and cut the roads, singing “Hela Hela Hela Hela Hoo, El Tari2 Msakkar Ya Helo ( the road is closed, sweetie)” or “Hela Hela Hela Hela Hoo, Soffoo el Seyara w Nzaloo ( park the cars and get out).”


For the love of their country, old and young, men and women, and of all sects and religions, haven’t left the streets for 12 consecutive days, fighting for their human rights, their democracy, and against corruption. 

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Just today, the 88-year old Laure Ghorayeb joined the protestors on Ring Bridge to become the star of Ring roadblock. The journalist and artist, mother of 3 and grandma of 7, Laure sat down with the youthful crowd with a Lebanese flag draped over her shoulders, chanting for the revolution.


When asked why she joined, Laure told the Daily Star, “We have the right. We want to leave an inheritance to our children’s children of a Lebanon better than the one we received. And nothing will stand in the way of what is right.”

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Laure, among many other elderly, has joined protests in different Lebanese sites to fight for the new generation’s rights. Those, the civil-war people, are protesting with a hope to change this system, as they have suffered from wars, problems, and corruption.  


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