More Areas In Lebanon Are Now Under Internet Blackout

This Area In Lebanon Is Now Under Internet Blackout
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Several Ogero centers went out of service on Monday, the telecommunications company announced in a statement.

Ogero services within the ranges of the data centers in Souk Al-Gharb, Baysour, Kabrshmoun, Aabay, Kfarmatta, and other nearby areas have stopped temporarily, Ogero said.

The company apologized for what it called “this circumstance that is out of its control,” without elaborating on the cause of the incident.

This is the latest of several instances in which Ogero services were suspended due to sudden failures or fuel shortages over the past few weeks.

Affected areas in recent days have included Tripoli and neighboring areas, Mraijeh, Aamrousieh, Barouk, Halba, Qoubayat, and others, most of which have since been reconnected to the network.

Last week, Ogero Director Imad Kreidieh said that around 14,000 subscribers were affected by internet blackouts.

Like many other vital institutions, Ogero requires a constant supply of diesel fuel to maintain its operations.

As such, the shortage of diesel fuel that’s being witnessed across Lebanon has directly impacted internet connectivity and caused some of the recent blackouts.

In an attempt to alleviate the effects of the fuel shortage, the Central Bank of Lebanon will open an account to subsidize fuel for about a month.

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