Lebanese Army Is Allocating 100 Billion Liras To Help Beirut Homeowners Affected By The Blast

REUTERS/Aziz Taher

The Lebanese Army announced on Friday that it will be distributing 100 billion Lebanese pounds in compensation to owners of homes that sustained damaged in the Beirut Port explosion.

The funds will enable them to complete urgent repairs, such as fixing roofs, doors, and windows, before winter comes.

Those whose homes are classified within the normal to medium range of damage, as well as those closest to the blast site, will benefit from the aid.

Out of 62,087 total damaged housing units (according to the army), only 10,274 owners will be provided with aid.

The amount of aid to each owner will vary based on the amount of total damage recorded by the army during its damage survey phase.

Based on a chart created by the army, this means the aid would begin at around $200 for homes with the least amount of damage and can go up to a maximum of just over $13,000 (as per the official LBP/USD conversion rate).

Of course, per today’s black market calculation that would be much less, starting at a minimum of roughly $40 to a max. of $2,850

That is worth noting since most items that will be used to repair homes will most likely have to be paid for in USD (at the black market rate).

Nevertheless, it’s a step in a positive direction – especially to those who have lost everything in the blast.

Beneficiaries will be contacted via phone calls to be informed about when they will receive their aid. They will also be notified by circulars posted on the army’s website and social media.

In addition, they will be expected to sign a commitment that they will use the funds for the renovation of their homes/property.

The army will begin distribution on Monday, October 26th. 

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