Lebanese Army Gives 2 Million Liters Of Its Fuel Reserve To Fuel Stations

Lebanese Army Gives 2 Million Liters Of Its Fuel Reserve To Fuel Stations
TDS/Mohamad Azakir

The Lebanese Army announced on Wednesday that it would provide fuel from its reserves to help alleviate the fuel crisis in South .

In a tweet, the Army said that it was securing 2.1 million liters of fuel from its reserve at the Zahrani Oil Installation to distribute it to gas stations in the south “to secure the needs of the citizens.”

Many areas in southern , as in various Lebanese areas, have been affected by a shortage of fuel that has resulted in long lines of cars in front of gas stations and severe rationing by the station owners.

On that note, Fadi Abou Chakra, Representative of Fuel Distributors in , announced on Wednesday an increase in fuel prices, attributing the increase to the rapid decline in the value of the Lebanese pound.

“Today, fuel will be delivered to the stations in the south after an interruption that occurred in recent days,” he told Al-Jadeed.

This, he attested, “will lead to relief in the market,” noting that the reserve of the Lebanese Army will be compensated with imported fuel on a later date.

Abou Chakra noted that there is “no longer any import of ’98-octane’ gasoline” and that fuel stations will continue to distribute only what it has left of it.

Earlier this week, sent 10 fuel trucks transporting gasoline to Lebanon.

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