Lebanese Army Seized Over 6 Million Liters Of Fuel In 3 Days

Lebanese Army Seized 6 Million+ Liters Of Fuel In 3 Days

More than 6 million liters of fuel were seized by the Lebanese Army between Saturday and Monday, the army announced on Tuesday.

In a statement, the army said that it had seized 4,392,725 liters of gasoline and 2,212,140 liters of diesel fuel in the said period.

The owners of the seized quantities were forced to sell 4,349,865 liters of gasoline and 1,671,737 liters of diesel fuel to some hospitals and bakeries and to Electricity of Zahle.

2,300 liters of gasoline and 279,300 liters of diesel fuel, on the other hand, were distributed for free to civilians and some institutions, the army said.

Additionally, 40,560 liters of gasoline and 234,103 liters of diesel fuel were kept by the army for its own needs.

In a new statement on Wednesday morning, the Lebanese Army said that it had confiscated more fuel from an abandoned gas station in the southern village of Hallousieh.

Its units seized two tanks containing 11,500 liters of diesel fuel and 9,800 liters of gasoline at the gas station.

The owners of the station were forced to sell the gasoline to people in accordance with the official pricing table, while the diesel fuel was confiscated and distributed to owners of private generators in the area.

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Lebanese Army Seized Over 6 Million Liters Of Fuel In 3 Days

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