Lebanese Army Found 7 Rocket-Launching Sites In South Lebanon

Lebanese Army Found 7 Rocket-Launching Sites In South Lebanon

The Israeli military fired a total of 17 projectiles into Lebanon on Monday night, the Lebanese Army said on Tuesday.

In a statement, the Lebanese Army‘s General Directorate of Orientation said that on the night of Monday, May 17th, several villages in the areas of Habbariyeh and Kfarchouba, South Lebanon, were targeted with artillery fire by the Israeli military.

In total, 10 explosive shells and 7 flares were detected in Lebanon during the Israeli shelling.

The Army also announced that it had found on Tuesday 6 sites prepared for launching rockets, empty of rockets, in addition to one more site with a ready-to-fire rocket attached to it.

The latter was removed and detonated outside Habbariyeh, according to the Army‘s statement.

In response to the launching of several rockets from Lebanese territory on Monday night, Israeli artillery targeted South Lebanon with the aforementioned projectiles.

The explosive shells dealt damage to an area used for storing pipes used for the South Irrigation Project in the village of Markaba.

It is to note that, while working to deescalate tensions along the border and implement security measures, a Lebanese Army Intelligence patrol was attacked on Tuesday by the Israeli army.

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