Lebanese Army Just Found Over 4 Tons Of Explosive Material Near Beirut Port


On Thursday, the Lebanese Army announced that it has found more of the same chemical material – that caused total destruction across major parts of the city – near the entrance to Beirut’s port.

On Twitter, the army wrote that it discovered 4.35 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in the “Detention Port” of the customs, outside the port near entrance number 9.

Merely 30 days ago, an estimated 700-1000 tonnes (out of a total of originally stored 2,750 tonnes) of ammonium nitrate caused a massive explosion that ripped through Beirut.

The blast was devastating. It took countless lives, injured thousands, destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, and left the city traumatized.

A month later, bodies of victims are still being pulled out from under the rubble.

The explosion was seemingly the result of bureaucratic negligence and could have been prevented over 6 years ago when the deadly cargo first arrived at the port.

It turns out President Aoun and former-PM Hassan Diab, including many current and former officials, knew of the imminent danger.

Till now, however, no one has been held responsible for the catastrophe.

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