Lebanese Army announced that there is no evidence of assassination plots in Lebanon

Two days ago,

Saad Hariri announced his resignation

from his post as the Lebanese Prime Minister from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In his speech, Hariri said that the reasons behind his resignation are the external factors that are negatively impacting Lebanon and trying to threaten its safety. He accused Iran of interfering in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries. He also mentioned that the situation in Lebanon is similar to the state of the country before his father, the previous Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, was assassinated in Downtown Beirut in 2005. So, he is resigning for his safety. According to the reports of the newspaper Asharq al-Awsat, Western intelligence agencies had warned Hariri of assassination plots against him. Also, the news channel Al-Arabiya reported that Hariri’s convoy in Beirut was targeted for assassination a few days earlier, but the plan was foiled. However, the Lebanese army announced in a


which was released on Sunday that based on the regular investigations and arrests that it conducts, there is no evidence of assassination plans in Lebanon. Also, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Lebanon does not have any data on assassination attempts. So, the information regarding this incident is neither from the ISF nor Lebanon’s Information Branch.

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