Lebanese Army Apprehended A Terrorist Whose Leader Killed 4 Soldiers

Twitter/@HassanObeid16 Credit:Unknown | AFP

A day after a murderous raid in North Lebanon, the Lebanese army successfully apprehended a member of the terrorist group.

On Sunday night, the Lebanese army raided a suspected terrorist cell in the Minyeh Jabal Al-Baddawi area.

It was after a group connected to the Kaftoun shooting that killed two municipal police members and the mayor’s son three weeks ago.

During the raid, the alleged leader of the terrorist group, Khaled Al-Talawi, threw a hand grenade killing four soldiers. After a chase, Al-Talawi himself was shot dead.

On Monday, Lebanon mourned the young martyrs who died in the line of duty, protecting their country from terrorism.

The Lebanese army, which is pursuing the remaining members of the terrorist cell, caught one of them the same evening, Abdul Razzaq Walid Al-Riz, who was hiding in a wooded area near Rachiine, in Zgharta District.

The army is currently continuing its hunt for the third terrorist.

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