Lebanese Army Chief: 77 Years Of Honor, Sacrifice, And Loyalty To The Homeland Of The Cedars

Lebanese Army

The Lebanese army chief General Joseph Aoun addressed the soldiers in “today’s order” as the 77th Army anniversary is edging close.

“Seventy-seven years of honor of sacrifice and loyalty to the homeland of the Cedars, during which the army offered its best soldiers, martyrs, in order to defend Lebanon’s security and stability, and dignity of its people,” he proclaimed.

General Aoun noted that, for a long time, the Lebanese army has witnessed many stations and challenges, during which it remained the impregnable fortress and the unifying institution in the homeland, and the main pillar entity of the state that is constantly ravaged by crises and threatening its existence.

“We have never failed our people, and we will never fail them, no matter how harsh the circumstances and the intensified challenges,” he stressed.

General Aoun said that the army will remain a pillar of Lebanon’s architecture and it will not allow security to be shaken, in the hope of finding political solutions to save the country and prevent it from collapsing.

“Let the dream of rebuilding Lebanon be stronger than the dream of emigration,” he concluded.

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