Lebanese Army Commander Urges Need To Maintain Security and Prevent Chaos

There's A Call For The Lebanese Army To Declare "State Of Life Emergency"

Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Commander General Joseph Aoun warned on Friday that the security situation of the country seems to be getting worse.

“Things are about to escalate because we are facing a difficult political and social fate,” he said, in a speech to army personnel on Friday.

“Our responsibility is great at this stage, and we are required to maintain the security and stability of the homeland and prevent chaos.”

In light of the deteriorating economic situation, the suffering of the Lebanese people, as well as that of the military, is increasing, he noted, warning of the many challenges that await them.

Such challenges include intense clashes that broke out on Friday in North Lebanon between the army and protesters. Dozens of people were injured including at least 15 soldiers.

Clashes subsided as the army restored claim to the area and distributed diesel to the suffering people of the protesting neighborhoods in the North.

“The army is a deterrent to chaos”

In encouraging words, Gen. Aoun told army personnel, “There is no homeland without an army, and there is no stability or security without your presence and sacrifices… You are the hope of the people and you are the stability of Lebanon.”

Gen. Aoun noted that the international community is pinning its trust on the Lebanese Army, referring to the twenty nations that have pledged financial support to save the army from collapse.

In addition, the United States Embassy in Beirut has also emerged as the LAF‘s backbone in Lebanon amid the economic crisis. This coincides with U.S. President Joe Biden’s refusal to allow an Iranian “takeover” of Lebanon.

“The army is a deterrent to chaos. I know that you will not allow anyone to invade our land, and you will not allow these circumstances to make you lose your belonging to your homeland, your identity, and your land,” said Gen. Aoun.

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