Lebanese Army Donates Diesel To Impoverished Areas In Tripoli


After days of unrest in Tripoli with scuffles between the Lebanese Army and hungry protesters, the army stepped up to support the needs of the people in impoverished areas in the northern city.

Overnight, the army escorted diesel tanks to the Bab al-Tebbaneh area. The fuel, donated from the army’s own reserve, will be filled in subscription electricity generators to bring light back to the area that has been experiencing severe power outages.

Last week, the army reportedly donated 8 million liters of diesel to the Association of Private Generator Owners to provide more hours of power for residents.

Residents of Bab al-Tebbaneh and nearby areas protested angrily on Wednesday when the army intervened to maintain control during the unrest.

Refusing to remain silent about the humiliation their lives have been reduced to, the people called on the army to retreat and let them express their anger.

People in parts of Tripoli known as “Old Tripoli” often feel neglected by the state and the city’s politicians and officials.

These Lebanese are also misrepresented in the media and prejudiced when they are actually the people who lit the flame of the “Bride of the Revolution” in the north and stood by their fellow protesters across the country since October 17th of 2019.