Lebanese Army Just Caught A Drug Trafficking Network That Targets Arab Countries

Lebanese Army Just Caught A Drug Trafficking Network That Targets Arab Countries

Members of a Lebanon-based criminal network that manufactures and smuggles drugs have been arrested, the Lebanese Army announced on Friday.

A patrol of the Lebanese Army Intelligence Directorate first arrested an individual identified by the initials “A.L.” while he was transporting 110 liters of a liquid used in the manufacturing process of narcotic pills in eastern Lebanon, the Army said in a statement.

The substance was supposed to be transported from the village of Hadath Baalbek to Marj, where the Intelligence Directorate later arrested Syrian nationals “A.A.” and “D.M.” for their involvement in manufacturing drugs.

Another individual, “M.J.,” who is responsible for receiving ready-to-sell pills and smuggling them abroad in refrigerated vans, was also arrested in the process.

Another arrested member of the network was identified as “M.A.,” a Syrian national who had captagon pills concealed in an oven in his house in Riyaq.

Additionally, Intelligence personnel arrested “H.L.” for his connection to the network, as well as “J.R.,” who had been promoting and abusing drugs and who was carrying narcotic pills, a handgun, and cash, at the time of his arrest.

According to the Lebanese Army‘s statement, the exposed network had been manufacturing drugs in Lebanon and smuggling them to Arab Gulf countries.

The detainees and the seized items have been handed over to the competent judicial authority while the investigation into the case continues and the Army works to arrest the remaining culprits.

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