Lebanese Army Wins Against ISIS And Finds The Bodies Of The Missing Soldiers

A few days ago, the Lebanese Army launched a new operation called “

Fajr Al Jurud

” which aimed at pushing ISIS out of Lebanon and gaining complete control in the north of Lebanon once and for all. In fact, the operation was taking place near Ras Baalbeck. Gladly, this conflict ended with the victory of the Lebanese Army. In addition to that, Northern Lebanon is officially under the complete control of the Lebanese government.

A sad ending for the missing soldiers

Another aim was to free the Lebanese soldiers who got kidnapped by ISIS in 2014. Unfortunately, the Lebanese Army has found 8 dead bodies in Wadi Al Debb which are likely to belong to the kidnapped Lebanese soldiers. DNA tests are being conducted in the Military Hospital to reveal the identities. These are the names of the soldiers: Ibrahim Moughit, Saif Zabyan, Ali Al Masri, Khaled Hassan, Hussein Ammar, Moustafa Wehbe, Ali Al Hajj Hassan, and Mohammad Youssef. An official day of mourning will be declared when the DNA results confirm that the 8 bodies that were found belong to the kidnapped soldiers. Lebanon won in the fight against ISIS and gained complete control over the Lebanese land. However, the Lebanese people have lost soldiers who truly represented the pillars of the Lebanese Armed Forces which are: honor, sacrifice, and loyalty. Lebanon and the Lebanese people are safe thanks to the Lebanese soldiers. Our sincere condolences go out to the families and the loved ones of the fallen soldiers. God bless the Lebanese Army!


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